16 Dec 2014

First winter day

Had a great day out with Brodie. Head over east to Caringorm. Was going to head in to do Hidden Chimney but thought it was looking a bit black. So changed plans to head to Coire an Lochain and see what was there to do. Looking at Sidewinder but did not like the look of the snow below the climb. So end up on Iron Butterfly. The climbing a good fun and the tuff are nice a frozen. There was one wee cruxy. People where on Savage Slit and I think Prore or Fallout Corner. After the climb we head back on the into Coire an t'Sneachda for the walk of and come done some good hard snow. The anlke feet good for most of the day a got a bit painful on the walk out of the Coire but feel pretty good today. A good start to the winter hope there is more like this.

Looking in to Coire an t'Sneachda

Teams on Savage Slit and I think Prore or Fallout Corner 
What to do next

Heading into Coire an t'Sneachda 
Coire an t'Sneachda 

Walk to the cafe

Traffic on the road 

23 Oct 2014

Injured and to think

Well its been a long time sense I have fallen off and injured my ankle. Safe to say its not been much fun. It happen about 5 weeks ago and just about able to start to walk on it. The Doc say its getting better and that the injured as heal up well. Still need a lot more work on physiotherapy to get back to where I was before falling. In the mean time have been doing the normal uni life getting assessments in and training on the fingerboard. Here are some photos of how the ankle has changed.

Where I fall off. Just at the top of the diagonal crack.
How it looked after 1 week with some great colours.
Foot after 5 week in a cast

Still a bit of swelling.
I have had a bit of time to think about what happen too. It was a bit of a stupid thing to be soloing a route that I had not done before or even not knowing the grade of. Its time to eat a bit of humble pie and start climbing within my limits. One thing that has got me is how will I be when I get back climbing on lead. Hoping that it will be all normal. But the last ground fall I take over 3 years ago take a year to get back climbing the same grade. Guess will just have to see about the psych is.

6 Oct 2014

First blue bird day this session for me!!!

First off what a great day!!! The first day out climbing this session that its been a blue bird day. Head out with Kate, Brodie and Ewan to Aonach Mor to do Golden Oldie. Getting to Nevis Range for the climbing gondola meet Alan Halewood with a client and Lou. Meant that trail breaking was going to be easily spread (thanx Alan). So walking in this time we could see that was what. And soon realis that what I thought we climbed as Golden Olden last time was not. The joy of finding routes in the clouds. This time we had Alan to point out that fechers to be looking for. So next time should be better. Walking was great banter. Make easy with tranc that we seemed to make for us all to walk in. Getting to the route Ewan and I decided to solo the route and if need be get the rope out. Ewan had it a bit harder with ski on his back and gave me something to laugh at. The climbing was great was not sad that I messed up the not climbing it last time. Did wish I had skis for the way off but waking off in the sunshine was amazing.



A long summer

So its been a long time seen I had posted on hire. Have a had a mad summer of working and advetour. And now back to uni and the Fort William rainy session. What would not be so bad if I was not broken with a done in ankle. To save on the writhing will do the it all in photos.

Sea life

Cave with a view

Etive Slabs

Etive Slabs

Buachaille Etive Mor 
Aonach Eagach 
Aonach Eagach 
Meall Dearg 
Aonach Eagach 

Sanna Bay

The wild life saying hi

There where to many good sunset!!

Hard days work

Booms Away

There was big fire